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We find and remove impersonations, counterfeits, piracy and online brand abuse with our human-trained AI platform.
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Get protected by our advanced human-trained AI Brand Protection Platform

Our brand protection platform provides exceptional protection for content creators and companies against online counterfeits, unauthorized reselling, and content piracy, empowering their continuous growth and creativity without barriers.

For Content Creators & Models

Creator Protection

Protect your creative work with our AI powered services for content creators, including anti-piracy solutions and copyright infringement removal.
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For Companies & Corporates

Brand Protection

Elevate your brand and secure your creations. We provide an array of services tailored to secure and protect your online content and digital assets.
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How It Works

Anti-Piracy for Content Creators in 3 steps

Our human-trained AI platform continuously scans the internet around the clock. This relentless monitoring ensures we quickly identify impersonations, counterfeits, piracy, and online brand abuse.
+100k Websites & Platforms
Search Engines
Social Media Platforms
Messenger Services
Upon detection, our system automatically sends legal notices to unauthorized publishers, de-indexes content from search engines, removes fake accounts from social media platforms, and enforces copyright on messenger services. This comprehensive approach swiftly eliminates online threats to your brand.
Auto-Send Legal Notices to unauthorized Publishers
De-Index from Search Engines:
Remove impersonations/fake accounts on Social Media Platforms
Enforce copyright on Messenger Services
Our platform offers an individual Protection Dashboard that delivers real-time updates and personalized reports, providing a clear overview of trends and enforcement actions. This keeps you informed and helps measure the impact of our protective measures.
Creator Protection Dashboard
Customized Reports
Infringer Trend Overview
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Frequently asked questions

We have put together the most commonly asked questions.

We help brands and content creators find and remove online fraud activities such as counterfeiting, impersonations and piracy.

With AI software and human expertise finds and removes infringing activities on search engines, marketplaces and social platforms.

We restore and protect the rightful earnings and integrity of brands and content creators in the digital world.

What makes different?

Fair Pricing: We offer fair and clear pricing because we keep things simple and don't have big company overheads. This means you get great value without any hidden costs.

Customized Solutions: At Remove.Tech, we know every customer is different. Our solutions are tailored to your specific situation, to ensure you receive the protection and support you need.

Made in 2023: has the best of both worlds by combining AI and a team which understands the nuances of todays digital world. We use the latest AI innovations to have precise, timely and affordable services, and our team is able to adjust these services to what content creators and brands need.

What services does offer?

You can select from the following services, and we personalize each to fit your specific requirements.

For Content Creators:

  • Search Engine 24/7 Scan & De-Listing
  • Website Content Removal
  • Social Media Impersonations & Copyright Removal
  • Telegram & Discord Removal
  • Deepfake Removal

For Companies:

  • Pro-active Threat Intelligence
  • Search Engine Scan and De-listing
  • Marketplace Protection 
  • Social Media Protection 
  • App Store Protection
  • Fake Advertising Removal
  • Fake Website & Domain Removal
  • Domain Management & Monitoring 

How much does cost?

For content creators please check our pricing site here.

For companies, please schedule a meeting with a brand protection specialist to get a custom qoute here.

Can everything be removed from the internet?

No, not everything can. Some websites ignore DMCA notices. Nevertheless, we do elevate our complaints to the server, web host, payment processors, and advertisers, and after repeated complaints, these sites are frequently forced to either delete the offending information or are shut down.

Removal rates for the easiest forms of piracy, such those from Google or Social Media  are often around 90% or higher. If the products or content cannot be found through google, there is a 90% chance that your clients/customers will not find it.