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Our mission is to protect creators and brands from online abuse

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We Protect you from Online Fraud

Roland Götz
Founder & CEO
Thomas Kohler
Sebastian Kandlbauer
Account Executive
Simon Mauracher
Full-Stack Developer
Dominique Schichtle
Legal Counsel
Alexander Kohler
Marcel Juen
Full-Stack Developer
Anna Berninghaus
Online Copyright Analyst
Sebastian Zach
Product Designer
Roman Khailak
Online Copyright Analyst
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3 Things we value most


Innovation fuels our progress. We're always exploring new ideas and technologies to stay ahead of threats and provide advanced brand protection solutions.


We're committed to excellence in all aspects of our work. From our technology to our service, we aim for top-notch quality that surpasses expectations.


Collaboration is key at our brand protection company. We work together to safeguard your brand and achieve success.
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Our Solutions

Get protected by our advanced human-trained AI Brand Protection Platform

Our brand protection platform provides exceptional protection for content creators and companies against online counterfeits, unauthorized reselling, and content piracy, empowering their continuous growth and creativity without barriers.

For Content Creators & Models

Creator Protection

Protect your creative work with our AI powered services for content creators, including anti-piracy solutions and copyright infringement removal.
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For Companies & Corporates

Brand Protection

Elevate your brand and secure your creations. We provide an array of services tailored to secure and protect your online content and digital assets.
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Frequently asked questions

We have put together the most commonly asked questions.

We help brands find and remove online fraud activities such as counterfeiting, impersonation and piracy. With AI software and human expertise finds and removes infringing activities on search engines, websites, marketplaces and social platforms. We restore and protect the rightful earnings and integrity of brands and content creators in the digital world.

What makes different?

Fair Pricing: We offer fair and clear pricing because we keep things simple and don't have big company overheads. This means you get great value without any hidden costs.

Customized Solutions: At, we know every customer is different. We create solutions that fit your specific needs, so you get exactly what you need for your protection and support.

Made in 2023: Our services are designed and made with the latest innovations such as AI, and our young team understands today's digital world. We know what content creators and brands need. We're here to bring new and innovative solutions to help growing brands succeed.

Who is for? is designed for content creators and companies of all sizes and industries seeking to safeguard their online presence. Whether you have a growing brand, an online shop, or a significant online presence, our service helps you identify and eliminate online fraud and infringing activities. Protect what matters most with

What are the benefits of’s brand protection solution?’s online brand protection reduces online threats and secures your intellectual property around the clock. Implementing effective online brand protection solutions and tools helps preserve your brand's revenue, profitability, reputation, and customer service.

What is the ROI that I can expect from’s solution?

We see from our customers that the Return on Invest of a brand protection solution is 3 - 5X. Companies with no brand protection usually face a lot of costs dealing with lost sales, high legal fees, time and resources, brand dilution.