Terms of Service

This website is owned by RemoveLabs GmbH, 1030, Vienna, Austria, and is associated with the domain name remove.tech.

The Internet user unconditionally accepts this user agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), which sets forth the guidelines for using the Site, by using a service that is a website accessible via the Internet under the distinctive domain name remove.tech (hereinafter referred to as the Site). The agreement establishes reciprocal rights and obligations as well as the process for the connection between RemoveLabs GmbH, hereby referred to as the "Contractor," and the User of the Site. It also specifies how services will be provided on the Site.


The Site, through which the Contractor offers information services pursuant to the Agreement, is a collection of intellectual property (computer program, image, video, etc.) that is accessible through the Internet and has the singular domain name remove.tech (including domains of the following tiers).

Site Services are features, tools, and other resources made available to Users by the Site software. In order to raise the caliber of services rendered in accordance with the Agreement, the Contractor is free to make changes to the Site Services without consulting Users.

The Administrator is an individual, a representative of the Contractor. The Administrator conducts a preliminary review of the materials that the Authors have submitted to the site, but is not liable for the behavior of other users. The support service ([email protected]) is used to communicate with the Administrator.

User is a capable natural person (or a representative of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity) who has passed the registration procedure on the Site.

Visitor is an unregistered or unauthorized user who browsed the website's pages. The Visitor agrees to stop using the Site right away if he disagrees with the terms of the Agreement.

The author is an individual whose creative work created the result of intellectual activity.

Affiliate - A User who has accepted the terms of the Affiliate Program.

Copyright holder - an individual or legal entity that has rights to the results of intellectual activity.

Content - the results of intellectual activity that make up the content of the Site (texts, photos, videos, etc.).

Account - a user's individual account (part on the site) that gives them access to their private information and allows them to manage their services. Following registration on the Site, each User is given an Account.


This Agreement's purpose is to grant the User access to the Site Services, which distribute data and information on Intellectual Property Objects on the Internet and safeguard copyright and related rights to Intellectual Property Objects, as well as other related technological and legal services.

Services are offered by allowing the User access to the Site and the ability to utilize the System. The Site and the System should be regarded as tools for technical copyright and associated rights protection if they are being used to safeguard those rights.

The current version of the Agreement is always available on the Internet at: remove.tech/terms.

The User acknowledges the Agreement in accordance with Austrian laws by taking conclusive acts with the intention of registering on the Site and using the Site Services. Acceptance of the Agreement entails the User's unconditional acceptance of all of its terms and conditions while also acknowledging that the User has read, understood, and agrees to the Agreement's provisions in their entirety, including the obligations that are placed on it as a result of the Agreement.

In case of disagreement with the provisions of the Agreement, the User or Visitor undertakes to immediately stop using the Site.

The Contractor has the right to unilaterally, without notifying the Users, amend the Agreement. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is published on the Site. The User and the Visitor undertake to independently familiarize themselves with the current version of the Agreement.

The Contractor is not an electronic money operator or a payment system operator.

The User understands and unconditionally agrees that the use of the Contractor's services is solely at his own risk and that the Contractor does not represent or warrant that:

- services will satisfy the User's requirements;

- services will be delivered consistently, punctually, securely, and without errors;

- the User will receive accurate and trustworthy information as a result of using the services;

- Defects in the functionality or operation of any software on the Site will be fixed in the time frame anticipated by the User.

The support service is used to communicate with the Contractor on the operation of the Site and any other concerns pertaining to the performance of obligations under the Agreement (online chat, e-mail, etc.).

The User consents to receive marketing materials and other information from the Contractor through email provided during registration on the Site as well as directly on the Site (in the Account). By altering the settings in your account, the User has the option to decline to receive certain information.

The Contractor uses third-party services such as DMCA agents, law firms or other copyright services like Rultacom, Onsist.com, or others in order to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement while remaining responsible for their actions to the User as for their own.


If you wish to cancel your account, notify us at least 5 days before end of your term (via an email to [email protected]) . Upon cancellation, your data is deleted from our servers. Since the deletion of all data is final, please be sure that you do want to cancel your account before doing so.

Your subscription gets renewed automatically at the end of each month if you are on the monthly plan, every 3 months if you are on the quarterly plan, every 6 months if you are on the half-yearly plan and every year if you are on the yearly plan.

You can upgrade or downgrade level of our services at any time of your usage, however the Contractor does not refund any fees in that case

If you stop using our services in between the term, we will not refund you the fees paid by you for the remaining term

We reserve the right to modify or terminate the service(s) for any reason, without notice at any time.

Fraud: Without limiting any other remedies, the Contractor may suspend or terminate your account if we suspect that you (by conviction, settlement, insurance or investigation, or otherwise, forcefully removed our branding) have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the services offered by us.

Note: No refunds are offered, even if a plan is canceled mid-month.

15 Day No Obligation Cancellation / Free Trial 

The Contractor service to companies under a 15-day no obligation cancellation policy. The no obligation cancellation begins immediately upon account activation. The 15-day no obligation cancellation period only applies to new customers and does not apply to existing customers that have a subscription plan. The Contractor will also not honor a free trial period for customers who were once paying subscribers, cancelled, and then decided to re-instate their subscription.

At any time during the 15-day, potential subscriber (customer)/user can cancel their account and will be refunded in full with a minor service charge. Or the user wont be charged the first 15 days. 

Important: No refunds or credits for partial months, quarters or years of service will be refunded to a customer upon cancellation.

Customers have the ability to upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan for the services at any time. For any kind of upgrade or downgrade in subscription, customer has to write to [email protected]

The chosen method of billing will automatically be charged the new subscription rate on the next billing cycle.


The Visitor must complete the registration process and get the User status in order to fully utilize the Site Services.

Filling out a specific form on the website and verifying your phone number and email address is how you register.

For using the Site and its services, a one-time or monthly subscription cost is required.

The Tariff plan to which the User is linked determines the precise scope of services offered, their price, and whether discounts are offered.

Under the terms of this Agreement, full payment (100%) is received in advance for all services delivered to the User.

Through the proper payment mechanisms, the User may request to withdraw funds received on their Personal Account from the System.

In compliance with the Privacy Policy, the Contractor maintains the confidentiality of any personal information and other data collected from Visitors and Users.

The Contractor has the right to ask the User for any documentation proving the details he provided during registration, as well as the Author's rights (including intellectual property rights) to objects protected by intellectual property.

The User is solely liable for any and all acts taken while using the User Account and is deemed to have taken those actions himself.

To prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing his Account, the user personally takes all required and practical precautions. The security of the user's password, the safety of his data, and the disclosure of the user's login and password to third parties are all entirely the user's responsibility.

The User must notify the Administrator right away if he suspects someone else is using his login information.

User undertakes not to do anything that would put an undue burden on the website.

Links to additional online resources may be present on the website. The User acknowledges that the Contractor is not accountable for the resources' accessibility, the content posted there, or any negative effects that may result from using them.


Any activities taken by the User while logged in and using the Account's password—the electronic signature key—confirm the creation of a straightforward electronic signature by the User. A simple electronic signature verifies that an email was sent by a particular individual and consists of a login and password combination. The same norm applies to the Visitor's behavior when he contacts the Administrator via email.

Simple electronic signatures used on electronic documents are equivalent to handwritten signatures used on paper papers.

The user agrees to keep his electronic signature private (not to share his login information with others or give them access to his email) and is solely responsible for its security and personal use, independently deciding how to store and restrict access.


All intellectual output that the Contractor posts on the Site is exclusively his property (images, audiovisual works, texts, computer programs, etc.).

Without the Contractor's express written consent, neither the User nor the Visitor may use the subjects of his exclusive rights for any purposes not specified by the Agreement. Use is defined as any violation of the rights of the Contractor, including those enumerated in the Austrian law and other violations, whether or not they are done for financial gain.

A personal, non-exclusive, and non-transferable right to use the Site is granted to the User and the Visitor, provided that neither of them, nor any third party acting on their behalf, will:

- reproduce software or other proprietary information from the Site;

- develop software-derived programs; hack software to extract program codes;

- change the Site Services, including with the intention of gaining unauthorized access to them, as well as sell, assign, lease, transfer to third parties in any other way, or otherwise dispose of the rights in connection with the software provided to the User under the Agreement.

When posting any intellectual property on the Site, the User guarantees that he is in possession of the relevant legal and physical capacity, as well as all rights and powers, and that the information he provides to the Contractor is accurate, reliable, and complete. He also guarantees that the information is in compliance with all applicable laws and third-party rights, and that he will be held accountable for any violations.

The User and the Visitor agree to address any disputes involving infringement of third parties' intellectual property rights on their own initiative and expense. The Contractor is also reimbursed by the User for all expenses and damages related to such disputes.

The Administrator has the authority to block the User's Account if the Contractor receives a legitimate statement (from both persons and authorities) regarding the User's breach of the law or the rights of third parties. The exception is when the Administrator has proof that the User's actions are lawful.


The User and the Visitor concur that the Site complies with their needs both now and in the future and that it will continue to do so.

In no event shall the Contractor or its representatives be liable to the User, the Visitor, or to any third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, harm to one's honor, dignity, or reputation as a business as a result of using the Site, its contents, or any other materials to which the User, Visitor, or other individuals have access through the Site, even if the Contractor advised or indicated as much.

In any instance, the Contractor's liability is restricted to the price of a subscription or one-time payment and is only imposed upon him if his conduct were negligent.

All of the User's and Visitor's actions on the Site, as well as the results of those actions, are completely their responsibility.

If a breach of the provisions of the Agreement is brought about by events beyond the reasonable control of either the User or the Contractor, then neither party is liable for the failure to perform (force majeure).

If, as a result of violation by the User of the current legislation governing the placement of information and objects of intellectual property on the Internet, the Contractor will be charged a fine and / or other payments in court, the User undertakes to compensate the Contractor for these amounts of money in full on the basis of the claims of the latter.


On the grounds and in the manner specified in this Agreement, as well as in accordance with existing law, including international agreements, the Contractor has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement and disable the User Account without the possibility of recovery.

All issues or disputes that might develop between the parties to the Agreement in relation to its execution must be settled out of court via talks, claim letters, or other means.

The relationships between the parties under the Agreement are governed by Austrian law.

The User certifies that the Agreement's text is understandable to him and does not require translation by accepting it. The User agrees that he will, if required and at his own expense, translate the Agreement into a language he can comprehend or cease using the Site.

If for some reason an agreement is not reached during the pre-trial settlement, the dispute arising from the Agreement is subject to consideration in the Vienna Court, region of Austria.

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