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Stop impersonation, counterfeits, piracy, and brand abuse with the world’s fastest-growing brand protection service.

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A technology-first brand Protection approach

State of the Art AI-Software finds, detects and removes copyright infringements on a global scale

24/7 web scanning

Our AI-software scans the web and detects potential infringements from search engines, marketplaces and e-commerce websites

Auto-Detect Infringements

State-of-the-art image recognition and fake product discovery solutions find possible infringements

Automated Takedown

Automatically generate and send takedown letters to hundreds of infringers globally.

Why brands love us

Simon Rupp, Co-Founder of Brunathelabel


"We were shocked when customers discovered fake products from us on Alibaba, and I thought I needed to hire a brand protection team internally, but thanks to Remove we were able to take offline Alibaba counterfeit products and protect our brand from future issues."

– Simon Rupp, Co-Founder BRUNA

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